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By and large pop music tends to follow some pretty tried and tested templates. Most chart bound offerings fresh off the music industry production line seem to have more in common than the things that instead make them stand out from each other. Homogenisation thy name is modern pop music. But even if the creative benchmarks in the genre weren’t currently so low, Jaguar Grace, perhaps the coolest name in music, would still shine like a beacon in the murky musical night.  

It seems that I’m doing her music a disservice by calling such brilliantly executed music pop, but pop it is, but it is also jazz infused, orchestral, cinematic and electronic driven. The fact that Jaguar Grace has had an accomplished career outside of pop music explains exactly why she is able to bring so much extra to the songs.This more classical background is used to lift the music into more theatrical, dynamic and dramatic realms, to create everything from sweeping waves of sound, sky scrapping crescendos, subtle break downs, roaring brass attacks and ambient background washes.  

The two ends of the spectrum are highlighted by the fact that many of the songs have alternate versions taking the form of trumpet driven instrumentals or minimised sound scores which fall into a wonderfully beguiling baroque-pop area of the sort that we rarely hear today.  

There is even room for haunting choral sections on the introduction to She Fell, the fact that such a gothic and dark piece is shot through with Stax horn stabs doesn’t seem as out of place as it appears on paper. After All is a jaunty and infectious piece and Artificial Heart reminds us of just how cool the harpsichord is.  

For an album that mixes such seemingly mutually exclusive sound, one that plays with ideas and sound palettes from across genre and era, it isn’t as strange as you might imagine. It’s just that it plays with such brilliant musical melds and meshes that it might take a little time to adjust but it is done so brilliantly that by the time you put the album on for a second play you will be wondering why everyone doesn’t make albums this wide ranging and mercurial.


Jaguar Grace Forges Ahead with "To All the Boys I've Loved Before"  
by BWW News Desk Dec. 4, 2018  

Jaguar Grace has quickly proven herself to be a musical force in 2018. The artist who has recently released her single for "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" brings elements of Pop and Rock into the mix with electro laced goodness throughout.  

Switching musical gears, Jaguar Grace's music is bold and epic as her harmonious voice shines through a creation that is very real. The track which was originally performed by Willie Nelsonand Julio Iglesias blows the legendary artists out of the water. With her own unique vibe in tow, Jaguar Grace proves she has staying power.


 Embracing a multi-genre sound, Jaguar Grace’s music is pop with a few twists and turns. Pop with a little more maturity. Pop that isn’t afraid to cross boundaries and stretch the limits of what one considers a pop song.  

Mixing orchestral elements with electronica accents, Jaguar Grace’s blend of sonic elements is refreshing, distinct and in a lane all its own. Regal horn lines, emotive strings, uplifting rhythms and passionate vocal performances combine for an over-the-top listening experience.  

Boyography Pt 1 presents us with an infectious, contagious, enchanting sonic foundation with which Jaguar Grace uses to share life lessons in love. The instrumental tracks included on the album are an added bonus and a quite the delightful listening experience. This is pop that exudes a maturity well beyond that of your average pop record.

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-To All The Boys I've Loved Before" is such a unique twist on a classic song. Love that rap feature too.

- Boyography Pt. I: "jaguar grace reminds me of the weirdness that made gaga great in the first place. this album isn't afraid to change genres, and I'd say it has something for everyone.

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Jaguar Grace is an artist you need to put on your radar NOW. The Pop-infused-Songstress has been making quite a scene with her latest relase "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," taken from her release "Boyography Pt. 1." Showing no sign of slowing down, the artist entices us into her world that has listeners smiling from ear to ear. Recently we caught up with Jaguar Grace to talk about her music; past, present and future.



Jaguar Grace is a new obsession of ours, and she shows no signs of slowing down. The eclectic Pop-Songstress brings musical perfection on her newest tune "To All the Boys I've Loved Before," Taken from her upcomning release, Jaguar Grace will lure you in with infectious tones and intriguing melodies. A step in a new direction for the singer-songwriter, she embraces her love for Pop music, while infusing a sound and texture that is clearly her own. On the song we hear lovely vocals and bold instrumentation that entices our ears even more so. The video is a perfect accomapaniment to the piece, as it brings the track and creativity to a whole new level.



Pop songstress Jaguar Grace has given new life to Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias’ To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before. She has made the song her own, inputting her sound onto the track. This pop version with a rap feature is incredibly unique. 

Along with the single came a music video. The visual starts with Jaguar Grace sitting on the couch, a memory book with a heart on it in her hands. It goes on to follow her on all her journeys with the men she has loved in the past. 

Jaguar Grace is unlike any artist we’ve ever seen. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store for us.

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Jaguar Grace Goes the Distance on New Single 

Up and coming pop sensation Jaguar Grace has given Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias’s “To All The Girls I’ve Loved Before” a completely new feel. With her new rendition, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” comes a new pop twist on the classic with an incredibly unique rap feature. 

The song starts with an unanticipated but welcoming beat, followed by Jaguar Grace’s strong and powerful vocals. WE so appreciate her rendition of the song. Though it is a rethought version of the original, her personality and her openness to taking risks shines through. 

The rap feature is a really cool edition to the track, adding a personal twist on the song. We love what we’re hearing from Jaguar Grace so far, and we are so excited to see what’s to come!


“Jaguar Grace enchants with her new single: "To All the Boys I've Loved Before." The artist who has recently started to dive into the Pop-realm shows no signs of slowing down on her ambitious new release. The song which was originally performed by Willie Nelson and Julio Iglesias, was written by Albert Hammond and Hal David. On the piece Jaguar Grace makes the song her own by given it a unique and updated twist that will blow your mind. Up until now, the New York artist has had an accomplished career in music outside of the pop realm. But no matter how far she journeyed beyond the pop firmament, a constellation of infectiously hooky songs she wrote two decades ago beckoned. Now, Jaguar resurrects this exquisite collection of orchestral pop electronica, breathing new life into its lessons of love. Her latest release “Boyography Pt. l," is on repeat and we can't wait to hear more.”

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Jaguar Grace is one of the most exciting new bands i've heard. the whole album bends genre and concept, while clinging to a pop structure that makes it very easy to pick up and play.